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Having been a psychometric profiler for over fifteen years and been involved with many companies in both an active  management role in the UK and overseas, I would like to offer insights into the real value of soft skills to business owners.

Please feel free to contribute in a positive manner if possible.

By John Shenton, Jan 23 2017 02:08PM

There are two main areas that I consider to be important for all managers in the coming year.

Every business manager is aware that BREXIT has been used as a scare base to try and convince the government not to take us out of Europe.

Many stories have been told about the downside of hard Brexit.

Very few propose that as managers, we get out into the world and negotiate new deals in areas that we have not been able to consider in the past.

Is this one of the areas I refer to for 2017 – NO

Our people are our biggest asset. They are also our biggest cost.

Managing ourselves and our staff more effectively during periods of higher risk is going to be essential.

If we look for and find any weakness in our approach, then it is incumbent on us to make changes this year.

• Every manager knows without being told that the greatest opportunity for managing people better is going to be led by better COMMUNICATION.

• Every manager knows, simply because this has been going wrong for so many years, that the greatest hindrance to performance is the annual appraisal.

Put these two together whilst at the same time being prepared to consider radical new methods for both and you could finally put an end to these two business frustrations in one fell swoop.

Do I have an answer for you? Well of course.

Can you make relatively simple changes to the way you do things at present with a view to getting increased productivity out of a happier workforce? YES.

Why not find out more –

just send me an e-mail with your name, company and a contact number and I will show you how.

Why should you bother to do this?

You have two choices as a manager.

1. – Do nothing – tomorrow will be the same as today but without any effort on your part.

2. – Reply to this article and try and find a way to prove me wrong – OR go along with my offer and try it at very little risk to you or your business. OUTLOOK – MORE PROFIT


By John Shenton, Jul 8 2016 05:39PM

Yes that is correct.

If you have ever tried to create a job profile you will know how difficult it is to get it right.

We are offering every business at least two FREE JOB PROFILES starting today.

Offer ends - November 1st 2016

Claim your free job profiles to day by e-mailing your request through or contact page.

Oh - and why not take a free personal profile at the same time.

I look forward to hearing from you.

By John Shenton, Dec 31 2015 09:44AM

I have watched our education system from a very young age - I used to be a child?

My time at skool was fun - for a couple of years.

By the time I finished I was glad to be out of the system.

Did I lurn anifing yusfil? - Drama was great fun, maffs was interesin, an english and spellin was tuff.

I only joke, but today one thing I am convinced of is that our education is heading in the wrong direction led in the main part by others who only want us to believe their way is the only way.

Watch this to understand what I mean.

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