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Profiling Perfection use DISC

Providing a total support programme for change implementation.



John Shenton



Trained in Management and an early member of the British Institute of Management and the Institute of Directors, John has worked with psychometric profiles for over fifteen years and completed thousands of individual profiles.


With a background in IT, John has also developed a unique software application that allows management and staff to contribute positively in the solution of challenges that affect almost any part of the business.


Positivity is at the core of everything that John develops. Communication in business, whether it be one to one, or one to many, is central to achieving outstanding performance.


John and his team have worked with managers and directors across a range of businesses to help with everything from straightforward recruitment, to solving people based challenges. Designing and working with teams, helping management and staff communicate using a simple common language that allows everyone to look for the strengths in others to be able to capitalise on those to increase individual and team performance.


John has now structured a new business in the form of “Profile People” to enable as wide a range of people to be able to benefit from this knowledge and experience.


The business model is simple – we start by understanding where you are now and where you need to be an dby when with any given resources. We utiliese  psychometric profiles (questionaires), delivered over the internet to anable us to discover your team strengths.   We have a team of expereinced professionals all willing and ready to help you grow your business through successful change management.


From there you can decide how you would like to move forward to improve your business performance creating a synergy from the strengths of individuals in your teams.



Profile-P has grown out of a previous business:


Business Improvement Associates




Profile – P 


“Profiles” for people who need to implement change


We all have our own way of doing things, learned over many years of success and failure.

We are taught how to do things right – by others who measure us by their values.

No one teaches us how to communicate – where consequences for getting it wrong are greater than we can understand at the time.

You will benefit significantly if you create a picture of your strengths in your mind such that you are not afraid to be wrong and happy to help others with things they are not good at.

Profile – P is here to help you – all you have to do is ask.



We are not like the typical consultancy that writes reports about the things you have told us.

We do not try and reinvent the wheel or create procedures that match the expected norms.


We do work with you and your teams to allow everyone to be positive and creative, to empower everyone to find better ways to achieve an end result - or more...


We can bring a wealth of experience in business to help you understand the possibilities for the future, providing you with choices that you may or may not to wish to take, you are in control.


If you would like to understand your strengths and be able to share them openly with others – pick up the phone and call us or just e-mail a request for your own profile today.