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Having been a psychometric profiler for over fifteen years and been involved with many companies in both an active  management role in the UK and overseas, I would like to offer insights into the real value of soft skills to business owners.

Please feel free to contribute in a positive manner if possible.

A CEO tells us to "Trust our Gut" when hiring new employees

By John Shenton, Nov 6 2017 07:53AM

In many ways this CEO gets to the heart of the matter about who is going to be right for the job in YOUR COMPANY.

The CV gives you a clue about what the candidate has achieved in the past but does not cover the soft skills that make up half of the candidates ability and desire to do what is required in your company,

She perfectly covers the point that just because someone has worked in a bigger company that looks like yours, their view of the working world has been coloured by the way a big company works.

Using our tools before you inteveiw will give an insight into the way a person really wants to get a job done. It allows you to ask the real questions you want answered but don't know how to ask,

It does of course help if you know what soft skills are important to your business and this can also be achieved before you interview, by looking closely at that role in your business today.

With our help you can walk the walk and talk the talk to limit the number of expensive mistakes you can make taking on new employees.

Ask for your free questionaire today to see just what we mean.

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