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Having been a psychometric profiler for over fifteen years and been involved with many companies in both an active  management role in the UK and overseas, I would like to offer insights into the real value of soft skills to business owners.

Please feel free to contribute in a positive manner if possible.

The Life of an employee

By John Shenton, Nov 21 2019 08:31AM

Consider this

You recruit someone - you teach them to work for your business. You create a great team that works. Something happens and a key player needs to leave.

Ten to one you do not have a complete picture of what made the whole team successful.

So you start over and recruit - train someone to fit into the team, and thats only if you get the recruitment right for this team.

If you had a full team hard and soft skills BENCHMARK updated as the team grew - then you would know what to look for when you recruit, what should work and more importantly - what is likely to fail.

Time then to consider setting up a team benchmark before you lose someone from the team.

Call today to see just how easy this can be. - It could save you a lot of time and money.

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