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Having been a psychometric profiler for over fifteen years and been involved with many companies in both an active  management role in the UK and overseas, I would like to offer insights into the real value of soft skills to business owners.

Please feel free to contribute in a positive manner if possible.

When Texting becomes the norm - what happens to business communication

By John Shenton, Oct 11 2019 01:34PM

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Things change at a rapid pace in business - driven in the main by changes in technology.

Four generations of children have been brought up to sit in front of computers attached to their mobile phones where no one actually calls anyone any more - they just text (in every format)

Did you know the most common thing most people do when they wake up is...

Check their messages/ mails.

If one of the biggest complaints understood from business feedback sessions between employees and managers is "POOR COMMUNICATION"...

and this years top challenges for business owner/managers is going to be recruitment and retention...

How do we get people talking again?

To really know a person you need to look them in the eye and really listen to what they are saying.

This is why texting is winning - it is much better you dont really know me until it is too late...

I have developed a new, simple. positive communication package for business owners that allows everyone to really win by talking again.

This is a new app and I am looking for interested parties to help develop models for everyday business applications.

If you would like to help and have access to your own models free of charge please contact me.

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