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Having been a psychometric profiler for over fifteen years and been involved with many companies in both an active  management role in the UK and overseas, I would like to offer insights into the real value of soft skills to business owners.

Please feel free to contribute in a positive manner if possible.

By John Shenton, Dec 31 2015 09:44AM

I have watched our education system from a very young age - I used to be a child?

My time at skool was fun - for a couple of years.

By the time I finished I was glad to be out of the system.

Did I lurn anifing yusfil? - Drama was great fun, maffs was interesin, an english and spellin was tuff.

I only joke, but today one thing I am convinced of is that our education is heading in the wrong direction led in the main part by others who only want us to believe their way is the only way.

Watch this to understand what I mean.

By John Shenton, Dec 16 2015 09:25AM

You wanted to recruit a new member of staff and decided to use a recommended agency to help you and their first question to you was- What HARD SKILLS MUST this person have?

Their second question was – What SOFT SKILLS MUST this person have?

Their next question was – are you the manager who knows what this job holder must be capable of doing well on a daily basis?

These questions are really very different from the usual questions – that is – do you have a job description – and how much are you paying?

Have you ever worked out what percentage of new employees stay with your business from more than twelve months?

Have you ever worked out how much management time is spent employing a new person for your business?

Have you thought about the real cost of making the wrong choice?

Any new employee that does not stay will cost your business at least three times the cost of one years employment plus any lost business that may be incurred.

What would you say if we told you that we can help reduce the number of hours lost and the amount of money your business would lose?

What would you say if you could try the profiles for two members of your staff who you already know – FOR NOTHING other than yours and their time.

Think what it would mean if you had profiles of people in your business who are already successful.

The same is true of people who do not really fit or who want to leave because it is not working for them.

This is called “Benchmarking” and it gives you and us a clear range of profiles that you can use for a given job role and to work out how successful teams can be developed.

Why not give us a call and book your free profiles today.

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By John Shenton, May 28 2015 03:11PM

Communication is what we are all about.

No one really trains us to communicate effectively unless we are really lucky.

If you would like help to become a better communicator - why not apply for a free profile and let us call you back with some useful insight that can help you - and your contacts - in the future.

If you have experiences of services from Profile-P and would like to comment, I will happily accept them.

If you would like to discuss how we might make your business stronger in any way - please leave contact details.

By John Shenton, Jan 19 2015 05:34PM

Everyone uses hard skills as a measure of success for individuals in a business.

Is your business developing the key strengths of individuals in your company?

Do you know where areas for improvement exist?

Can you match your business needs to the soft skills of your employees?

We spend over fifty percent of our time helping business owners like you to improve business performance through people.

It will only take a minute of your time to ask how - why not put an e-mail together today, send it to me ([email protected]) and I will reply by return.

Just a "small percentage" improvement in the overall profit to your business will overcome any costs, any more is a year on year bonus.

Everyone working in the same direction adds real value
Everyone working in the same direction adds real value

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