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Profiling Perfection use DISC

Providing a total support programme for change implementation.




Business Profiles

Business Profiles are written reports prepared by us from a simple questionaire we provide on line for your employee or candidate to complete. These are used in every area of our business - all you need to do is provide the feedback to the client, which we will provide for you.


Supporting SOFT SKILLS

We make your life simple. We train you to deliver profile feedback across all areas of business from personal profiles to team and training profiles

We design and deliver training programmes for staff and management to support business growth.

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There is nothing worse than knowing you have a challenge in your business but not understanding the cause or the opportunity.

We provide you with the analysis of the opportunities and the challenges involved and make suggestions about how to resolve these.



"We asked them (PP) to give us an overall understanding of our sales team that had been underperforming for over five years. We did not really believe they could help as we had not been able to solve the problem ourselves. We were amazed how accurate their understanding was of the challenges we were facing, and in such a short period of time.

We have since incorporated a number of their suggestions, reduced our sales force, improved out techniques and increased sales and profits".

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BIA The Brain works BIA Puzzle

We support you in the delivery of performance improvement techniques getting business ready for change.


From first contact to last - we are here for you in your search for performance growth.



Our unique techniques can be used in Business, Schools, Universities, Homes.

Allows everyone to share a common communication language.

Uses scientific as well as cognitive analysis of the BIG PICTURE

  • Benchmarking


  • Team Strength Analysis


  • Strategic Planning


  • Communications


  • Sales and Marketing


  • Project Management


  • Problem Solving


  • Management Mentoring


  • Training


  • Team Building



Preparing for change

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