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Profiling Perfection use DISC

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What can you learn from a very simple psychometric profile that might help you secure your first job?


Employers today have far too many choices when it comes to the number of students looking for work. If you want an advantage over your competition why not take the time to learn what will help your next employer choose you.


Every job has two elements that can be measured long before the interviewer arranges to meet you to see if you are a GOOD FIT.


Jobs have requirements made up of hard skills and soft skills in almost equal proportions.


Hard skills can and will be measured. As an example if you need to be able to add up and subtract in order to do the job, then the emplyer can test this on the day of your first interview.


Soft skills are harder to measure as they look at the way you like to do things. Whilst the employer may think that they are able to interpret how you like to do things during the interview, they also know it is too easy to get this wrong.


Getting it wrong is bad for the employer and for you. If you really do not have the hard and the soft skills needed for a job, then you will struggle and probably decide to leave the company if you are not happy. The cost to business of getting this wrong is at least three times the annual salary.


What can we do to help you?


We are able to give you feedback about your working strengths known as soft skills, and how these might fit into a given job role of your choice.


We are able to suggest areas of work that you might be better suited to once we understand your profile.


We can provide you with an understanding of how your skills might benefit a potential employer so that when you go to an interview you can be very specific about how your skills will help the company.


If you can do this after only one hour - why would you go to an interview without this information.


How can you do this today?


The profile form is available to download from this page. READ the instructions BEFORE filling it in.


Return the form to me: [email protected] and call to make an appointment for your telephone feedback.


You only need to provide a contact number for yourself so that we can jointly arrange for feedback and payment.



Be ready and open minded about what your profile will reveal about you.