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Profiling Perfection use DISC

Providing a total support programme for change implementation.



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School Finance Management

Providing everyday support to heads and staff members, to ease the pressure of school management,

when pupils come first.


Managing schools is supposed to be about looking after the education of pupils of all ages.


For the schools management team, from the headmaster to all staff members, there are too many diversions causing this to become a challenge no one really needs on a day to day basis.


We are offering support covering everything from strategy through finances to people management and student advice for first job selection.






We also have pschometric profiling available for fifth and six form parents (as well as graduates) who would like to be able to understand how these are used for interviews and can provide beneficial information to potential employees making a difference to other applicants at interview.


We have also developed a unique application that we use to train teachers how to educate pupils in the basics of communication and problem solving in a world where google has become the defacto information provider with no thought for the consequences of incorrect data.

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