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Profiling Perfection use DISC

Personal / Team / Work Profile delivery for Business Success

Management support for schools

University support for graduate job profiling


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Profiling Soft Skills

The DISC based profiling system used by    "Profile People" 

has been used by the UK Government since the second world war and by International Business on a massive scale ever since.

It is so simple to use that every employee will benefit from it's use today and tomorrow - into next year.

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Team Building Soft Skills

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What do you call it when the power of ten people working together in a team can produce more than the sum of the individuals working alone?





That means you get MORE FOR LESS


"Profile People" gives you the answers to building synergy into your business and school teams.


When your client wants only three candidates put forward for a given job role - how can you convince them that you have chosen the best ones for the job?


Using "Profile People Reports" you will be able to provide a direct match between the client's job profile and the candidates work profile, without having to be a specialist in profiling yourself.

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Business Growth and Management Support

When your business or school is looking to grow but you feel so close to the everyday management that you feel the assistance of an outside specialist would help to create opportunities for tomorrow - that is the time to call Profile-P.

Our expertise teamed with your business knowledge can take your business to the next level.

Unlike business consultancy - we spend real time with you mentoring and encouraging positive change to support your business growth plans.Our tools include a full Risk Analysis Reporting function bringing together all of your people into the equation.


Problem Resolutions

In every business and school, problems between individuals or groups can seriously reduce team performance.


Using "Profiling People" evaluation reports, you can be at the very heart of the potential solutions for your clients.


We provide the data, reports and advice to you. You deliver this and take the credit.


We are always available to back you up when you need help.

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